Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crochet Girls Skirt

Well this is my first time trying to crochet an article of clothing. And I am SOOOO Happy with the way it came out. In the original pattern it should have been a skort. But the shorts underneath didn't fit my daughter so I had to pull it out and just Make more of an underskirt since the outside has big-ish holes. The lady that wrote the pattern has a bunch and I now have quite a few of them on my crochet-to-do list. This is the pattern link for the one I made if you want to give it a shot. : http://www.christinascrochethaven.me/girl_clothing/earth_and_sky_skort.htm

I have a really tight stitch so next time I think Ill bump up the size hook I use cause her's seems more "flowey".

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