Friday, February 25, 2011

Cloth Pull-ups/ Training panties

So This started with a trip to the local wal mart where i decided I was NOT giving 10 bucks for 3 pairs of training panties. What a Rip!! So i went home , dug through the sewing stash and all i had to pick up was a 2 dollar pack of Velcro for the sides, just in case i like the option of opening from the sides but you could just sew up the sides. . Much better! I think i might Make some out of old T shirts too. There was enough Velcro for about 6 pairs with a teensy bit left over. I'll make a tutorial if i can figure it out but really just trace your disposable pull-up of choice, and i folded an old washcloth in thirds and sewed it sandwiched Inside . i also added some elastic to the leg area and the back. Ta da!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Yup, I'm still Alive.

Well I've not Been Posting Anything in a while thanks to just being super busy . But yeay once again there's time in the day!!Todays Project .... Some 3t Capris....Hopefully.. So far I've made one of those High quality old newspaper patterns from a pair we have. I'll post how it comes out. Also theres a pattern for a Housecoat in 3t floating around in my head that's just got to get to paper before it gets lost!