Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby- Toddler Fingerless Mitts Pattern

So I was working on the whole "Bikini" Thing when Wham We are hit with the Biggest snow I've seen in a Very long time. Irony is a..... Anywho.So I placed that project to the side and Made a cozy pair of Fingerless mitts for myself. Well you KNOW kids NEED whatever you have so I wrote this tiny version. Picture was Taken Before weaving in my ends just in case i had to adjust anything :)

You will need :

J hook(mabye one smaller for you i always have to go up 1 size on patterns)

I used some bernat softee chunky from my stash which was Not full( still plenty left over)

Any chunky would do nicely.

CH20. SlSt together to form a ring. NO TWISTING :)~

Row 1-5: Ch 2 DC in same St, Dc in ea st across slst to beginning ch2.

Row 6: Ch 2 Dc in same st and each st across, Do not join.turn

Row 7: Ch 2 Dc in each st across. Join With Sl st.

Row 8: Ch 2 , Dc in same st and Each st across. Slst to join.

Weave in ends to finish . Don't forget to make another :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Crochet

Valentines is coming up so it thought Why Not, Lets crochet something a bit risque. :) Seemed natural with crochet having that "peek a boo" quality. And POO There's practically NOTHING out there for Patterns. Well guess that means I'll just have to Make one up! So I'm practicing the Makings of a "cup" with a bikini pattern and we'll see where we go with it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crochet Girls Skirt

Well this is my first time trying to crochet an article of clothing. And I am SOOOO Happy with the way it came out. In the original pattern it should have been a skort. But the shorts underneath didn't fit my daughter so I had to pull it out and just Make more of an underskirt since the outside has big-ish holes. The lady that wrote the pattern has a bunch and I now have quite a few of them on my crochet-to-do list. This is the pattern link for the one I made if you want to give it a shot. :

I have a really tight stitch so next time I think Ill bump up the size hook I use cause her's seems more "flowey".

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toddler Bedspread Progress

So I thought of a fun way to use up a bunch of the red heart balls I have coming out my ears. A ainbow Toddler Bed spread. Basically A Ginormus Granny square Using The Biggest hook I own. I only Have 2 Evenings invested in it and its coming right along. Kinda more of a "show" Lacey top cover but hey Little girls LOVE pretty things. It looks a little delicate but as with everything in the house my youngest has dragged it around as a work in progress and no damage. This would be a GREAT beginner project.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Powder Cover

Well Here we are My first pattern I've made myself. Or at least i think i have there's only a bajillion patterns out there. This Is for a Baby Powder Cover. It goes over one of the regular size bottles. Uses a draw string top.

You will need: Size I Needle, Red heart super saver yarn of your color choice(way less than a full skein). And a Bit of ribbon for the draw string. About a foot. yarn needle and stitch marker.

Here goes:

Ch. 2

Rnd1:12 Hdc in 2nd ch from hook, join with sl st in top of 2nd chain (you should have 12 hdc)

Rnd2: ch2, Hdc in ssame st. Then do 2 Hdc in each st around, join (24 stitches)

Rnd 3-21 +/-: Ch2, hdc in each st around. Dont join just keep working in the round using a stitch marker to count the rows.

Finishing: Use a yarn needle to thred the ribbon through the top row of stitches weaving in and out every 2 stitches. Tie off in a bow. Ta Da!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Crochet Kitties

So here they are. Kitty one and kitty 2 I thought since i have mentioned them they aught to make an apperance. Truthfully if you can make a ball and a couple different size "tubes" you can make alot of amimals. Just got to get creative for the ears and suchI might shorten the tail and add a "tube" for a snout and make a couple piggies. Or mabye some long ears and a cottonball for a tail for a little easter basket surprise. Definetly gonna have to shorten the legs for that one.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Sock Fail

So I've spent the last 2 Days attampting to make a pair of those crochet slipper socks for the kiddos. Fail. Just can't get the Heel. Bad pattern mabye? I've Made amigurumi cats, Cats! and I just can't make a heel. But after some creative modifying we now have sippy cup coozies.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Sage Is Alive!

Well I went outside and under all that Frost i dug out My sage Plant And Wow it was still kinda green. So I brought it inside, Gave it a warm water soak in the sink and put it near the fireplace. That was last week. By today I have almost 2 inches of new growth and baby light green leaves coming on the tips of the branches. Time to go find another i Guess.