Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apples and Pears Oh My!


Last Saturday we all had a Harvesting good time picking a Bushel of Apples and a Bushel of Pears.  The weather was perfect and so was every ones mood!  We really are an Agri-tainment loving family.  Now that was the fun part. 

Moms fun…..


I’ve got thru Half a bushel of Apples to freeze in slices for pies, Tomorrow will use up another couple dozen apples for the apple butter to be canned.  I haven’t made apple butter before so we’ll see…

We’re on our way to having lots of pre-peeled, pre- sliced frozen apples and pears for pies and cobblers. 


So convenient to have on hand.  And easy to do.  Wash, peel, core slice and pop  into a freezer bag.  I find that a quart bag full is just right for a nine inch pie pan or an 8x8 crumble.  you could get all fancy and dip them in a little lemon juice mixture but since they will be baked anyways I usually don’t bother.  Besides I still have all this to put away…


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